Palm Springs Decorative/Electric Heater Fireplace with LED Optical Artificial Flame-120CM


2 colors available

Decorative Fireplace-12W
Electric Heater Fireplace-1500W

Palm Springs Fireplace is a crafted hardwood fireplace that has a rustic and modern look. The frames are made of 100% hardwood and it burns cleanly and efficiently. This product combines the beauty of a lantern with the practicality of an outdoor fireplace making it the perfect conversation piece for an outdoor space. It can be used for both decorative and functional purposes in your home or commercial establishment, such as beach houses or hotels.


Hardwood Frame
Multi-Layer Wood Board
Tempered Glass
Decorative Fireplace: 12W
Electric Heater Fireplace: 1500W
Remote Control

✓Both Decorative and Electric Heater Fireplace options are available
✓With LED lights to create a more realistic flame effect, this fireplace will provide hours of relaxation
✓High-quality wood which is durable and last-longer
✓Remote Control



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